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We are devoted to changing the lives of children, by innovatively improving the quality of teaching and learning in Nigerian public primary schools. Since our inception in 2016, we have continuously worked with Government, International Funders, the Private Sector and Individuals to solve the problems of quality education in Nigeria.

With the support of our dear stakeholders, we have been able to improve the quality of teaching and learning at 93 public primary schools in Lagos State by re-training their teachers, renovating schools, provide key infrastructure and reward outstanding pupils with secondary school scholarships

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2018 Google Impact Challenge Nigeria

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BAF’s Training and workshop has been very impactful. It has made me a better teacher. I now see teaching as fun way to reach and connect with the children in my class.

Oluwatosin Jedidiah A.

Yaba Model Nursery and primary School, Surulere

BAF Training has brought a fresh turnaround for me, in terms of my view in education. My passion to teach has been reborn and I really look forward to impacting knowledge to the children in my class.

Williams Olubukola. A.

U.A.M.C. Eleja Pry Schl, Ikorodu

I am grateful to BAF for this insightful and practical trainings which I was able to learn. The training has made my job as a teacher quite simple, interesting and simplified.

Oriero A. Racheal

Community Primary School, Sasa – Lagos

In the course of training I was able to learn the importance of instructional materials and it how to create my lesson notes with the use of things that the child can connect with in their immediate environment.

Obi Florence. A.

Central Pry Sch. Ikeja – Lagos

It was an experiential educational workshop. During the course of the training I was able to learn about how to communicate better with my pupils.

Sumanu Deborah O.

Community Pry Sch, Sasa, Alimosho – Lagos

BAF has added value to my school in the most unique way. My school has become a vocal point for others to emulate. Thank you BAF You are great!

Dr. Mrs. Oguntimehin Margret. A

Head Teacher, Yaba Model Nur/Pry, Sch, Surulere.

I thank BAF for the training,they have made me understand some new teaching methodologies and strategies.

Amusan Christiana. A.

Ire- Akari Pry Sch, Ilasmaja, Oshodi – Lagos

BAF has helped me in many ways than one. I have improved my teaching technique – I now know more ways to teach my children than the traditional method. I have also learnt how to carry my students along during classroom work most especially the slow learners.

Salami Ekamah .R.


They have made me a better teacher and I now feel much more confident in my teaching skills. I am now helping my student to learn better and I have noticed improvements in their reactions to classroom work and discussions.

Adeyemo Muslimat. A.

Olokun pry Sch Oshodi- Lagos

I have really learnt from the training – self-confidence, classroom management skills with the use of teaching aids and instructional materials and even my teaching methods. I have notice improvememts in my students as well.

Abdulateef Maimunat. A.

Oshodi – Isolo

I learnt a lot of things from BAF workshop like new and different methods of teaching, how to prepare instructional materials with materials around me and also how to use these materials to teach the students effectively. I have also learnt how to carry my students along. I look forward to the 2019 training.

Ukaegbu Priscillia .C.

St. Francis Pry Sch. Maryland- Kosofe, lagos

BAF has made me a better teacher especially in the area of accommodating all my pupils despite the difference in their rate of learning.

Bello Adijat A.

Olokun Pry Sch. Ilasamaja – Lagos

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