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BAF Conducts assessment and Beneficiaries Selections for schools

BAF Conducts assessment and Beneficiaries Selections for schools

Our project is still in the preliminary stage and will fully commence in August 2019. However, there are other project activities to execute such as selecting the Local Governments to support, identify the exact schools and a host of other activities. This report will take you through the stages of our work and update you with current/ongoing activities.


The key stages of our project are summarized below:

Phase One – Beneficiary LGEA and School Selection

Phase Two – Data Capture and Registration of Beneficiaries

Phase Three – Baseline Assessment (40% of Target Population)

Phase Four – Training Delivery & Monitoring

Phase Five – Evaluation & Reporting (40% of Target Population)

We are currently in phase one where we have chosen 5 Local Governments to implement our yearlong training (See attached document). With the help of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), we have nominated 125 schools across different locations and about to select 75 schools from them.


We believe in the influence a leader has on their followers hence we are selecting schools with Head Teachers (or School Managers) who are responsive to the growth of their teachers. This phase of our work will run from 10th June for 3 weeks. It is after this that we will proceed to take the baseline assessment and setting new targets for the project. We will be through this phase by the end of July 2019.


In the month of May also, we engaged professionals who are currently working on various aspects of content and curriculum for the training. Your donations on GlobalGiving has helped us to secure experts who will write the training programme and train Facilitators, we will need more support to help more children access quality education.

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