BAF ICT Laboratories for public Primary Schools in Nigeria

We are empowering both children and teachers in public primary schools in Nigeria by providing access to computers and other ICT equipment. 

Since our inception, We have  set up a 40-seater ICT (Computer) Laboratory to serve Yaba Model Nursery and Primary School, Nathan Nursery and Primary School as well as other cluster schools within Surulere Local Government Education Authority (LGEA). Our projects are determined by the need of the schools and then matched with the strengths of our partners. We receive donations of brand new or used computers, internet enabled devices devices from individuals, companies and other organizations. These devices are then wiped, professionally refurbished and used in our laboratories to help bridge the digital divide.

The facility is equipped with 21 desktop computers, projector, electric-suspended screen, inverter back-up system, internet facility and premium educational software.

We believe that technology has become a necessity for education because it creates a better learning environment. Computers allow easy communication and access to educational resources and so we are open to support and donations in other to provide access to computers and ICT training to public primary schools who are in need of it.

How we make it happen

We are able to effectively monitor the impact of the project’s various dimensions through these 3 key areas.


We provide access to the computers and equipment for children,teachers as well as new individuals at the schools where we have installed computer labs in.


With the use of high speed internet connection the teachers are utilize the software to teach children. The children also learn using digital educational content.


The ICT laboratory project also provides better interactive educational materials that increase learning motivation and facilitate easy acquisition of basic skills.

Support Us

The challenge is enormous, but our ambition is huge. We are counting on you to help us close the digital divide for good.

We need up to 40 PCs/Laptops  to equip a school with an ICT laboratory. This will enable 500 students per day to learn the ICT skills they need to improve their lives.

You can help our digital schools programme by donating a portion or all of your computers to equip schools.

Your donation will help us bring ICT to those who need it most, and continue our work

There are several ways you could partner with us: increase your CSR portfolio by donating either all or a percentage of your disposed equipment.