BAF Launches BAF Electronic Evaluation Platform (BEEP)

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BAF Launches BAF Electronic Evaluation Platform (BEEP)

Evaluation of our training is one of the main components of our training programme as we would like to monitor the progress and also measure the level of impact on the beneficiaries of our training.


In line with our resolve to improve the learning outcomes of primary education and closely monitor beneficiaries of our CITPPST program, we have launched an Electronic Evaluation Portal designed to assess the knowledge uptake of the school teachers and their progress in implementing these skills learned during the training in their everyday lives at school.


BAF Electronic Evaluation Portal (BEEP) is an online assessment tool and educational resource for teachers and educators to easily assess and generate real-time data of teachers in a specific area. It provides the technology for our team of qualified facilitators to observe the beneficiaries based on standardized parameters of 21st-century teaching skills.

The training evaluation is a continual and systematic process of assessing the value or potential value of our training program and that is why we designed the BEEP Platform to be a robust system that provides everything we need to observe a classroom teacher that makes use of our tools anywhere in the classroom.


Our work is growing and we need to scale as the future of our work with public primary school teachers in Nigeria requires digital enhancement. We are learning from the process and improving the tool at the same time. The plan is to utilize this tool in assessing teacher-performance in the classrooms across Nigeria.

We are excited to partner with organizations that are interested in working with us to move this tool further.
Together we can achieve more.
Send us an email at to kick-start a process.