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BAF retrains Public Primary School Managers and Assistants.

we resumed to a 3-day boot camp for school leaders from 75 schools where we taught them about visioning, emotional intelligence, leadership practice (communications, time management, team building and problem-solving) and instructional leadership. The camp was immersive, and each Head Teacher was attached to a Mentor for onward engagement for another 4 months. Meanwhile, we held another 2-day Boot Camp for Assistant Head Teachers between the 17th and 18th of October 2019.

Continuous In-Service Training for Public Primary School Teachers (CITPPST) – This training takes place across 5 local government areas for teachers and school leaders from the 75 schools above. We have had 2 sessions with over 80% in attendance. With four pieces of training left to go till June 2020, we believe this is an opportunity for your organization to tap into.

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BAF retrains Public Primary School Managers and Assistants.

BAF retrains Public Primary School Managers and Assistants.

The 2019/2020 Cycle of the CITPPST Project was scaled up by over 400% to benefit over 1,060 teachers meticulously selected across 75 schools in 5 LGEA in Lagos. We commenced the 3-day School Leadership Programme (SLP)  Bootcamp Training for 75 School Head Teachers, 5 Head of Special Duties and State SUBEB Executive Members. The training was to equip them with the core leadership skills needed to drive positive and sustainable changes in their schools. Later, 17 and 18 October, 105 Assistant Head Teachers were assembled for their own training.


Between the Head Teachers SLP Training and that of their Assistant was the First Workshop of the Continuous In-service Training for Public Primary School Teachers (CITPPST 1.0). Over 70% of the enrolled 1,060 beneficiaries attended across 5 Training Centres. The First Module focused on the Time Relevant Teachers and stressed the need for the teachers to embrace change and adopt the global transformation strategies in the Teaching Sector.


The Second Phase of the series was held on the 31st of October, where the beneficiaries were trained on Module 2- The 4Cs of effective learning in the 21st Century (CITPPST 2.0).

At the end of the training participants then shared their stories of exciting past, current and upcoming activities they look forward to implementing at their schools. Check out the highlights of the training here