BAF Training for Public Primary Schools Managers.

This is a new programmme that sprung out of the need for an improved and inclusive professional development training for public primary school managers and their assistants.

The development of school managers are matters of great importance for all school systems because effective educational leadership is vital to bringing about improvement in those activities that foster the provision of quality education and improved learning outcomes.

The Leadership training exposes school managers to a series of training to help them hone their leadership qualities,in specific areas such as organizational,individual and instructional leadership. This training also equips them with required competences to hold teachers better accountable for teaching and learning.

Each Training is developed and delivered in partnership with certified and experienced consultants with a strong background in education. These training are highly interactive sessions that improve classroom practice and equip both the school manager and the teachers to foster quality and improved learning.

Educators who take the courses gain:


A high-quality experience from outstanding, recognized facilitators with an action plan to make positive change in your school.


We provide innovative tools to inspire and guide each school manager as well as new strategies and resources to facilitate teacher teams effectively.


We don’t stop at the peer-peer training , we have a physical and virtual follow-up to support educators’ work on their plan.


Thanks to our generous sponsors we are offering a professional development training that meets school system standards at NO COST. 

Be a part of the pilot training,join us as we continue to improve the quality of education in public primary schools in Nigeria.