The BAF Webinar Series for Teachers is an urgent education intervention initiative of the Foundation that is intended to empower schools and teachers with digital teaching and best practice skills for continuous relevance in the physical or virtual classroom. It also seeks to close the education inequality gap between the upper and low-income families that continues to widen daily because of the pandemic.  COVID-19 disruption has birthed a New Normal, but many school owners, heads and teachers are still struggling with concept and technological framework of virtual teaching and blended learning.

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The BAF Web Series consists of FREE online trainings aimed at meeting various learning needs of Teachers across the Nation. The programme was designed to provide Teachers and School Owners/Managers across the nation with all the knowledge, skills, and support that they need to deliver quality education to pupils virtually.

The webinar shall run from July 30th through to September 10th 2020.  

BAF is an acronym for Bunmi Adedayo Foundation. We are a registered nonprofit organization that is committed to the improvement of learning outcomes of public primary education through teacher and school leadership development. BAF has trained over 1,300 teachers and 200 school heads through various initiatives. BAF partners with Government parastatals, Corporate organizations, and international development organizations to improve access to quality education in Nigeria.
1. to show classroom teachers across the country how to deliver quality lessons virtually 2. to further prepare educators for blended learning approach that post COVID-19 era requires 3. to teach specific subject pedagogy to teachers across core subjects 4. to reduce the incidence of out-of-school children because of the pandemic 5. to close the inequality gap among children from indigent background who cannot access education
  1. School Owners and School Heads
  2. Classroom Teachers and Assistants
  3. Aspiring Educators (Undergraduates and Students in Colleges of Education)
  4. Education Influencers
  5. Government Officials and Policy Makers in the Education Space
Participation is totally FREE. Participants are however required to register for the session and provide their own data.
The webinar series will teach 14 masterclasses weaved around six thematic areas as shown below:
  1. Advanced Teaching Methodology and Classroom Management Techniques
  2. Technology for Virtual Content Development, Assessment and Delivery
  3. Subject-Specific Pedagogy Skills in Numeracy, Literacy and Basic Science
  4. Leadership and School Administration
  5. Career Etiquettes and Development Tips for Teachers
  6. Curriculum Planning and Development
All Instructors will be drawn from the BAF Faculty pool. The BAF Faculty boasts of over 30 award winning, veteran educators and indigenous consultants. There will also be Keynote speakers on some of the days. You can also click here to see lists of Speakers.
Trainings will hold once a week and run from July 2020 to September 2020. Kindly see the events calendar for more information.
All trainings will hold on the BAF Zoom platform hence requires you to have an internet-enabled device. Some sessions will require breakout, and everyone will be allowed to send in their questions.
It quite easy. Simply clink on the register button to give basic details about yourself. It will take only 5 minutes. You will receive a confirmation email with details for joining the webinar. Please note that a SINGLE registration makes you eligible for ALL the webinars. Click Here

Webinar Topic: Etiquettes and Personal Grooming for Educators

Nancy Ekpezu is a professional administrator, management consultant and life coach. She has worked in the education sector for over twenty-five years, fifteen of which were at the school leadership level. She is the founder of the Facebook group “Educational Administration” where she shares content on school administration, management, and personal development. Nancy has spoken at several reputable platforms, including a TEDx Talk is currently the Lead Consultant and Trainer of Pezu Smith Consulting. She is the author of the trending book ‘Dear Educator’ which was published in May 2019 and is available on www.rhbooks.com.ng/products/dear-educator. Nancy has a passion to see organisations in Nigeria and West Africa function effectively with proper processes and procedures for sustainability. She is versed in performance management, professional ethics, policies, procedures, and customer service.

Webinar Topic: Adapting Your School Curriculum to Meet Blended Learning Requirements

Tolu-Alalade is the current Personal Assistant to the Honourable Commissioner for Education in Lagos State where she also doubles as a member of the commissioner’s education transformation team. Tolu-Alalade emerged the Best Secondary School Teacher in Lagos State in 2012. During her teaching career, she coordinated many award-winning science projects, nationally and internationally and has published many academic papers. Tolu-Alalade is the Founder of Sapphire Exploits 21st Century Skills Forum for Education, a community of practice where educator collaborate and share best practices for improved learning and teaching. She has been involved in training, mentoring, and facilitating teacher capacity workshops within and outside Nigeria. She is passionate about youths, propelling them to achieve outstanding success through critical thinking, guided discovery, and innovation. In doing this, she has invested in many youths through career fairs, excursions, and sexual wellbeing since 2010.

Webinar Topic: Designing a 21st Century Pathway for Careers in Educations
Dideolu Adekogbe is an Author, Education Management Consultant, School Quality Improvement & Development Strategist, Trainer, & Public Speaker. She is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC). She is a member of several Educational Reform groups, volunteer in different projects and has been awarded by several institutions for her impact in the sector. She is the CEO/Lead Consultant of Florish-Gate Global Consult (FGC) a management and education consulting firm and the Lead Convener- Bring Back Primary 6 Movement (BBP6M). She is a seasoned educator with over two decades of experience and has been a Management and Education Consultant for over a decade. She has served at different levels and capacities in Preschool, Primary, and Secondary Schools, both in the public and private sectors in Lagos state. She has consulted in start up schools for interested investors, helped build structures for schools and is also a board member in some schools. She engages stakeholders to create awareness in adopting and supporting THE NEW NORMAL in education REMOTE LEARNING.
Webinar Topic: Leadership, Learning and Motivation Strategies for School Faculty: Now and Beyond
B.Sc Hons (Management & Accounting); Dip in Montessori Ed (2.5 -5years); PG Dip. In Ed; M.Ed (Educational Psychology), ACA (Associate Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria)
Ayopeju is a seasoned and passionate educationist with many years of teaching and school leadership experience across pre-school, primary and secondary phases of education. She has worked extensively with private schools and state governments building a strong history of capacity development in institutions where she has worked.
Her commitment to maintaining a sensitive and supportive approach to educational and training needs of learning communities is the basis on which she develops training modules which she has delivered in face-to-face and virtual sessions overtime.
Ayo’s multiple responsibilities as head of finance and administration and a teacher of mathematics at various levels, overseeing marketing and business development attest to her versatility and commitment to sustainability in schools. Her experience as a chartered accountant and educationist contributes greatly to the balance she brings to teams.
Ayopeju is now engaged in full time consulting for schools and institutions, with particular emphasis on classroom observation, teacher and school leadership capacity building and development of whole-school processes for sustainability. She has worked with many clients including Osun and Lagos State Governments on School Administration and delivery of capacity building courses to teachers and school leaders respectively.
Mrs Njideaka serves on the faculties of TFN Training Institute, APEN/EDC SLD Program and Teach for Change
Webinar Topic: Reflection as a Critical Skill: Tools and Strategy for Teachers
Akin Alamu is an author, conference speaker, training contents developer and education sector development and management specialist with multi-sectoral experience spanning school planting and management, curriculum development and evaluation, teacher engagement/development, resources development and education marketing.He has a background in Education and Communication Arts from the University of Ibadan Nigeria. During his teaching career that spanned over two decades, he successfully taught the British, Nigerian and International Baccalaureate curricula to students of diverse backgrounds and orientation. He has also worked as Education Partnerships Manager at the British Council. Akin is currently the CEO/Head Consultant at HighRank Curriculum, an education training development and management company. Akin focuses on empowering teachers, students and schools with time-relevant skills and competencies. Akin is a published author of five books on education practice and skills development including Citizenship Education for Global Awareness and 21st Century Teaching: Teachers’ Manual.
 Webinar Topic: Effective Assessment and Feedback Management System for Online Distance Learning
Olufunmilayo Da-Silva graduated from the University of Lagos in 1984 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Education (B.Sc. Education; Biology). She has a wide and practical teaching experience having worked with Corona Schools Trust Council, Nigeria as a Science teacher for 19 years; 12 primary schools and 4 secondary schools that had students from various backgrounds in the United Kingdom. She has a great knowledge of the British National Curriculum. She is a qualified and registered teacher both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. She is currently Head of School at a quality-conscious Montessori School in Lagos and Lead Trainer at Outstandig EduConsult. She is also the author of the Outstanding Teacher Trainer series of CPD books and audio CDs.  Mrs. Olufunmilayo da-Silva has a good understanding of behaviour management strategies and has successfully organized and facilitated several trainings and workshops in schools for teachers, students, and Educators in Nigeria. She has efficiently worked as the School Head in a number of schools, among which are Benford International school, Abuja; Supreme Education Foundation schools, Lagos; Caleb Group of Schools, Lagos; Eagle Heights International Schools, Delta state; Lead British International School, Abuja (Secondary Section and Early Year Foundation Stage); Straitgate Nursery and Primary, Magodo and as Deputy Head of School, Corona Schools Trust Council, Lagos among others.
Webinar Topic: Behavioural Management and Positive Discipline for Learners (In-Class and Virtual)
Akin Benjamin is a child right advocate. A passionate educator and personal development coach with close to a decade experience in training staff and middle management of schools and senior executives of companies. He delivers continuous professional development courses for schools and organizations that are intentional about moving from good to great.Akin Benjamin holds a combined honours degree in Political Science and Education at the University of Ibadan. He is also a certified Social Sector Manager. He was programs manager and later Acting Executive Director of the International Youth Enterprise Organization, Junior Achievement Nigeria. He is the author of two books: ‘Your Teenager and You’ & ‘Turning Your Talents to Treasure
Webinar Topic: The Learning Environment Design
Louis-Ezekiel Olubanjo is a Teacher Education Specialist and an avid promoter of Education for Relevance Project in the 21st Century. His areas of consulting specialisation includes teacher development, learning and pedagogy, classroom management, scenario-based learning and design and educational evaluation. He is an experienced teacher of over two decades, a school owner and administrator; trained in the University of Ibadan (Philosophy, Teacher Education, Educational Evaluation) University of South Africa (Language Education) and University of the People, USA (Advanced Teaching). Over time, he taught the Nigerian, British and International curricula both within and outside Nigeria. Louis-Ezekiel is the Lead Consultant for Global Relevance Education and Development Initiative. He has done numerous teaching training facilitation with Lechwe Education Trust, HighRank Curriculum, Bunmi Adedayo Foundation, Lagos Teacher Induction Programme (Project 1000) and Nurture House among
Webinar Topic: Engaging Scaffolds that Deepen Independent Learning
Olubunmi Adewakun is a Chartered Teacher, an Early Childhood Specialist, a certified Educational Administrator, and a Montessori Educator. She consults for schools and train teachers under the auspices of Funtim Impression company. She has worked with several Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools to development the capacity of their teachers. She facilitates on different platforms as a Faculty member and a volunteer. Her passion is to better the teaching clime by engaging in training and mentoring of teachers so that the children can have better learning outcomes. others.
Webinar Topic: Plan and Action Steps for School Improvement: Preparing for the New Normal
Mrs Tinuola Olufowobi is an an erudite educationist who worked at the secondary education level for over 30 years. She has been Principal of various international secondary schools and was the pioneer Principal of two of these schools. She has facilitated diverse professional development workshops for teachers and school heads. She retired from active service in 2017 after a successful and rewarding career and is currently the Lead Education Consultant with StandFirm and Associates, an organization that works with schools to raise students’ academic achievements by improving school systems and processes. Mrs Olufowobi has attended several workshops and seminars in Lagos, Ghana, South Africa, and the UK. She is the author of the Study Smart Series.
Webinar Topic: How to build reading skills for parent and educators
Diana Omowunmi Ojuola (Mrs.) is a qualified educationist with about thirty years teaching and school leadership experience. She enjoys working with children both at the nursery and primary levels. She has years of Montessori experience and presently a member of United Montessori Association (UMA). She has acquired both local and international skills in teaching and helping children attain desired goals. She has worked in prestigious schools like Greensprings School, Emerald School, Supreme Education Foundation School, and Great Joy School among many others. She is an expert in teaching creativity and reading skills and has helped many pupils in these aspects. She also works with to develop beautiful handwriting skills. Ojuola is passionate about the learning environment with a bias for school displays and classroom aesthetics and decoration. She is currently training teachers and children on how to develop these various skills.
Webinar Topic: Developing Paragraphs: Comprehension Types, Story Structure and Creative Writing.
Olufunso Kehinde Fagbohun is the Coordinator of Glowings Stars Learning Centre and she consults for schools that aspire to improve the comprehension and creative writing skills of their pupils, while aiming at developing the total child. She has over 15 years of teaching and leadership experience in the education space and conversant with both the Nigerian curriculum and other international curriculums. Olufunso is passionate about creative writing and comprehension, a journey which started when she was working with pupils at the Grange Education Limited in G.R.A, Ikeja. She has held various positions; subject teacher, H.O.D, team lead, in- house trainer and assistant school head. She is an alumnus of The University of South Wales (Masters in Education), The University of Nottingham, U.K. (I.P.G.C.E), Kent and Sussex Montessori Centre (Montessori Diploma), University of Ibadan (P.G.D.E) and University of Ado- Ekiti (B. A. English) Olufunso believes that every teacher should have a personal mission statement and she enjoys working with teachers to help them discover the joy and the need to be lifelong learners themselves.
Webinar Topic: Deep Dive on Learning Applications Required for Literacy, Numeracy and Basic Science
David Ugiomoh is a teacher and IT administrator with over 3 years working experience in the education sector. He has a background training in Computer Science and facilitate’s training as an IT professional. David recently championed the online school initiative for his organisation where he trained all members of staff on how to use various platforms to create and host classes online. He is also a food photographer and has worked with brands like Krispy Kreme and Lavee Restaurants. During this COVID 19 period, David spent most of his time organising coding classes for both kids and teens online.